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Probably has something to do with you being a writer and all...
It helps some to get it out, right?

Happy b-day month, btw. And happy weekend!


Thanks, J. Yeah, I'm already going there with re: to the prescriptions. Was just a bad day yesterday and for some reason, bad days sometimes bring on this need to take notice of it? Maybe? To somehow capture it? Document it? I don't know.


Wow, Joe. That's a deep one. Even though I felt compelled to comment, I almost don't know what to say. What you've written reads like a bare statement of joy's opposite; that life is just a big waiting game until the end, and you're bored of the game. I think a lot of people are there at one point or another, and you're right: that's a big reason why people take drugs, including meds prescribed for depression. ?? Are you going there? Lots of love to you, Joe.

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