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Yup, yup, yup. It's a container company but nothing like MOL. They modify them for military training. Check it out... and this job is kicking my butt!! No sitting around and reading emails all day, damn!


Mel - Are you working now?


Gee thanks, I can always count on you to tell it like it is. I got lost in unemployment for a while there, but I'm back. You didn't really think you had gotten rid of me, did you?


Yeah, well anyone who has actual memories of St. Elmo's Fire is "old," so you've got plenty of company, Kirsty.


This brings high school flooding back... I was 16 when this (finally) hit my God-forsaken corner of rural southern England and everyone I know saw it and wanted to be/shag someone from it. I have to admit I preferred The Breakfast Club (Judd Nelson's rebel used to get shy-never-get-into-trouble me all hot and bothered... though he didn't do it for me in St Elmo's Fire strangely enough...) but yeah, this is like Proust's madeleine for me... And I might just have to go and dig out my Breakfast Club DVD now...
And yeah, I'm know I'm old, but I'm learning (sort of) to live with it... At least all my friends are old too!


You are old, Mel. And where the hell have you been?


Wow, I remember seeing that at the movies... man I feel old now. Thanks Joe!


Sonia - Given your past experience as a TV critic, and your past and present nerd stature, I will bow to your greater knowledge. Admittedly I forgot about Lowe’s appearances in Tommy Boy, Wayne’s World, etc. I will, however, stand by my assertion that Demi has aged the best.


I would argue that Rob Lowe has had the most successful career of the bunch. He has played tons of swarmy characters in SNL-based movies. He was on "The West Wing" for several seasons and "Brothers & Sisters." Most recently he became a regular on "Parks & Recreation."

I think Demi Moore USED to have the most successful career. Now she is more famous for being married to that guy from "That 70s Show."

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