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Me and my sister love that stuff, I remember coming from school and her and I would break out and gobble down!! I wish I could have some right now!! We still talk about it to this day.

Robert Campbell

Ok so I’m glad you guys remember this product although from my standpoint it was a flop. It was my first and only commercial and I was looking forward to taking in the dough from the residuals every time the commercial aired.. I think it aired 4 times. There went my tv career.
Confessions of a former child model.

Charles Weldonjr

Love the spoon Candy too 1970s

Carol Scott

This was an amazing treat. Along with Libby's Fruit Float and the Jell-O 1-2-3 to which someone alluded earlier, the desserts from the '70s were hard to beat. I'd enjoy having all of these around once again.


I wonder, Terri. I know there are lots of folks who would buy this again. I never understand why companies discontinue what appears to be a popular product.

Terri Sorensen

I would love to see this back on the market. I loved it too. I'm fifty two years old, and I was in the sixth grade when I ate it. I wondered what would happen if a bunch of us wrote to the company and urged them to bring it back?


Lori... I wonder if you are thinking about the jello that made three layers, I can't remember if it was called Jell-o 1,2,3 or something like that. If I recall you made the jello then put some in a glass, whipped the remainder and poured a bit more in (layer 2) then mixed the rest even more for the final layer.


Lori - Spoon Candy had just the two layers, however I do recall a three-layered jello-type dessert. The top layer was kind of foamy, and the whole thing (at least in my memory) was orange flavored. Not sure if that's what you're thinking of.

Lori Epstein

I thought it had three layers though, not just two..or am I thinking of something else?



Your memory appears intact. I too remember the butterscotch and peanut butter versions.


David Michael

I loved this stuff and thought I was the only one who imagined and/or remembered it. Was upset when they stopped making it and I was just a kid at the time. I seem to recall flavors like butterscotch, vanilla and possibly even a peanut butter-flavored one. I can't believe someone found a picture of the box - I even remember the TV commercial!


I know, right Kris?!

Kris Gazzigli

I loved that stuff. I'll never understand why they discontinued it either!!!!

Julie Brookhiser

My bestest friend Carla & I would make this ALL the time - I loved it! I miss the 70's as well.


Yes, I remember. Tasty! Remember when we would eat 10 pieces of toast at once? Great snack.

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