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John - I do recall that somewhere in my vast vault of useless info, hearing something about Klink having been an accomplised pianist (heh,heh). However, if not for your comment, I too would have forgotten all about it.

Hey Joe saves the day again! Yea!


I heard on the radio today that Col Klink was an accomplished pianist and violinist who was also a regular conductor of the Buffalo (NY)symphony/philharmonic/whatever. Apparently his musician father was the famous one until Hogan made prime time.

Another useless piece of information that would have been forgotten by me tomorrow but for my need to participate in the conversation at Hey Joe.


As I often said to my kids,in an effort to be funny and with a horrible German accent, "I see nothing!" My poor, deprived kids never knew what show that came from-ha! Thanks again cuz!

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