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Gabriel C.

Jon and Kate are a couple of teasers for morons, idiots who like to pay attention and time to other idiots. I guess that it's a way of wanting to see themselves reflected on other people, due to the fact that they, themselves, lack exposure.


I'm guessing you don't know who Jill Zarin is either?


David - Exactly!


who the hell are john and kate


I watch the show and like them both. I think they have some issues but the magazines are reaching. Hey, new season starts Monday, great publicity for TLC's # 1 show! I hope they hang in there.


Sonia - I see their faces (mostly hers) all over the check-out stand rags. I get e-mails from US Online about them. When will it stop??


For the record, I don't care about them at all. I don't watch their show. BUT, from what I understand, the fact that their marriage is failing apart is a surprise to absolutely no one who watches the show.

Here's what I don't get, though. They have eight kids. When are they finding time to cheat on each other?

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