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My first hand held game was Blip!


David - Ha, "A game of hyperspace dogfights!" How totally rad. And Colecovision is uncomfortably similar to Colonoscopy.

I totally forgot about Merlin. I think we had one of those too, but for the life of me I can't remember what it did.


I had a Colecovision. I still have this:

Oh, and I still have my Merlin, but that beast takes 8 AA batteries.


Sonia - Adventure kicked ass. I loved how your character was just a little square. And remember the noise it made when you killed a dragon? Ha.

God, I sound like a D&D dork.


I still have my Atari 2600!

After we move, I think we should try to hook it up to David's fancy flat-screen HD TV and play "Adventure" and "Pitfall." You are welcome to join me.


Mig - Ha. Yes I have done that playing with the boy. Your folks must have gone nuts listening to the constant beeping and such. It really annoys me after awhile. A sign of age I guess.


My heart just fluttered at the site of Mattel football. I played that game in the backseat of an Econoline van for two full cross-country trips and for days and days (and weeks and months) sitting on the paisley couch in my grandparents' living room.

Tell me, did you rush until you had a yard left, then get tackled on purpose so that you could hold the game in front of your brother's nose and press the advance button one time to score a touchdown? Maybe that was just me...

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