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Noted, Janice. Thanks for sounding off!

Janis Hall

Not to be mean or anything, but Michael Beck happens to be one of the hottest if not the hottest men in history. (Of course that's just my opinion) Xanadu isn't a great film, but I love watching it cuz of him.

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Liked you on Facebook, too. =)


Ken - Thanks for commenting. Good luck with that whole Xanadu thing. I know there are many who loved that movie. Maybe it's time I gave it a shot.

Ken Masterson

I am a huge fan of Xanadu, actually, and am in the process of Xanadu-ing a G.I. Goe figure or figures into a poseable replica of Sonny Malone.

I know Xanadu did poorly in the box office and with critics, but I never cared. I grew up with the movie on VHS and DVD, and had the soundtrack record (which I still have), cassette (I have 2) and the CD (Only have 1). As somebody once said, and this REALLY hit home for me "Xanadu is love personified, the essence of love in film form."

When I saw Michael Beck on Babylon 5 as a villain, I felt bad when he was killed... by TRON, dammit! Well, by Bruce Boxleitner as Capt. John Sherridan.


Hey Falcon,

I was only kidding about Beck naming his daughter Ajax. Though it's possible I suppose. Thanks for your comment. Stop in again.


I loved The Warriors! Guess you had to be there (then) to appreciate it. That was a time when New York gangs were being sensationalized, and there was a stream of bad movies surrounding that topic, but the Warriors, that's a classic in that Genre. If your info is accurate, he named his daughter Ajax?? That's pretty funny.

Also...The 80's were not a physically ugly time in our history. I always thought that was the 90's. 80's had better music, better movies, better books being written, and yes, people were more attractive.


Tami - I've never noticed the resembelence. Thanks for commenting.


I have missed Micheal Beck every since I first laid eyes on the late Heath Ledger. Anyone else notice a resimbulance?


Diesel - Glad I could enlighten you.


What a coincidence! Before reading this, I was right in the middle of not being aware that this guy existed.

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