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I thought she looked a bit overdressed.


Mignon - I thought the same thing, that they looked like cardboard cut outs. I had to look twice.

Sarah - Would that also make him an anti-Spider from Mars? Oh, THAT Ziggy. Check.

Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah

He is the anti-Ziggy.


That's what I was gonna say. The dumping thing. Also, he's hurt. Also, ... that's all I got. Don't they look like cardboard cutouts in that photo? Maybe they are. Maybe they'll become insufferable Scientologists. A girl can dream...


CM -What a guy indeed.


Damn I wish she'd stop copying my style. That being said...let's also not forget that he also had a baby with Bridgette Moynahan...after dumping her when she was 3 months pregnant. What a guy. I'm sure this will be a long lasting marriage.

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