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TThink a little bit about her career and it's pretty obvious that she quit acting. Something happened in Out Of The Blue that made her decide that she didn't want to be an actress anymore. It may not have been anything sinister, perhaps she just wasn't up for the grind of waking at 5 am and shooting until 9 pm. Sexual assault? With today's witch-hunt in Hollywood starting with Harvey Weinstein, it's a possibility that shouldn't be overlooked.

How else do you explain an at least fairly talented actress finally landing a starring role and the not having another job for 20 or so years? As long as someone of her caliber wanted work, she could have found scraps of work (crappy roles, low-pay, but enough to get by), or continued with some semblance of succuss, but SHE CHOSE TO DISAPPEAR.


Cool. Thanks, Nic.


linda manz is in the process of writing a book... i wont say no more..apart from...its gonna be a gooden :))... keep a look.out very soon :)

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I will be very silent if im in front of these giants.

Joe Blow

no mention of Days of Heaven?!?

Murf The Surf

Just bout the movie. What a classic. Pee Wee is awesome. Its sad towards the end when the Baldies accidently enlist in the Marines and leave Pee Wee alone. But then its the Wanderers who take in Pee Wee at the movies end, when they are all singing..."We're the Wanderers yeah the Wanderers, we go around around around... Very classic movie


Hey Mike,

Thanks for commenting. Nice to know some folks in the Great White North are dropping by. Don't be a stranger.

Mike from Canada

I was about 12 or 13 when The Wanderers came out. I remember that I had the hugest crush on Linda. Definitely lost some sleep thinking about her for sure.

If you're out there, Luv ya still Linda!

Thanks for the pseudo-update Joe!


P.S. 4 foot 10? Bitch needs some heels.


This chick fell out of the obscurity bag and rolled under the table. Linda WHO? WTF?


Ratchet - Hey kid. Good to hear from you. Glad to know you're still out there, and reading.

VE - Good call yourself there. Great movie by the way, and I still love Dr. Pepper. He had it all!


Ha! I so remember that movie. Good random callout. Hey...if you want somebody who flat out disappeared, try that guy that starred in American Werewolf in London and the Dr. Pepper ads...


Hey Yo! Im not writing to comment on this particular post, as I have No idea what or who the heck it is about... BUT I just wanted to let you know I still read your blog regularly,
Miss Ya!

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