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Leigh - any pics of the filed teeth?

mk - Kind of like the Flintstones when they ran through the house past the same furniture.

CM - The flying monkeys never bothered me. Now Miss Gulch? That's another story.


It's funny how we remember things as kids. Those stupid monkeys in the Wizard of Oz were terrifying to me when I was a kid. I guess I'm a little old to remember Speed Racer.


"Hey Trixie ..."
It wasn't so much that it was boring, but how many times were we subjective to that stupid car going past the same trees? Also, how the hell did it "bounce" down the mountain every race and end up with NO damage? Just a thought..


this show scared me too. those teeth are scary. they look like mine did when the dentist ground them down for my veneers.

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