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Ass Gasket Expert

That flap is actually left on there, because it is designed to be dipping into the water of the toilet, when you use it. This allows the entire gasket to automatically be pulled/sucked into the water, when you flush the toilet, without you having to touch it, or the seat. It usually works quite well, too. Voilà


That was the round-about way of getting to your point.

And pump action mayonnaise cannon? That's gross.


when i awake, i shower. during said shower, i use soap over the entirety of my body. i then put on two layers of clothing over my male toolkit. my hands remain exposed throughout the day. i may shake hands with a dozen people. i touch all manner of things. when i go to the men's room to take a leak (which is a sterile liquid, btw), my publicly exposed hands touch my otherwise pristine-from-the-shower-to-dual-layer-of-clothing ankle spanker. why do i wash my hands afterward? it would seem more logical to wash said pump-action mayonnaise cannon.

smudge aside, methinks there is a parallel to the cleanliness of my ass.

but that's just my opinion. i could be wrong.

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