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Ha! I forgot all about that, Natalie. I'm a riot.

Can't say for sure that I'm "back" but will try to be here more often, how's that?

Hope you are well.


I was just talking about you yesterday! I was reminiscing about blogging in Turkey and I was telling my girlfriend about having to delete one of your comments on my blog because you cussed and I had all those missionary friends who read it. And how after that you ended every comment you left with the words "Don't delete this."

Welcome back, dammit!


Glad I could be there for you, Less.

Jeanette, no pizza for awhile, :( And the vodka is normally straight anyway, so....but too many calories so I'm off that too.


Grain free? Does that mean no more pizza?... and then you'll have to switch to straight Vodka for the martini...
Hang in there, Joe...
Happily awaiting your thoughts in the blogosphere...

Less is Social Mores

My life has meaning again!

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