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Hey, five words:
"Brother Love's Traveling Salvation Show" from Hot August Night - okay, that's nine words. Still, it still rates among the best live performances EVER. In close second: Cheap Trick Live at Budokan's 'I Want You to Want Me.'

I'm with Kirsty. Neil Diamond is forever.


You already know that I have no shame so I'm going to come right out with it: I'm a BIG Neil Diamond fan! OK, not so much for his rather-odd-hair/sparkly shirt aspects but oh! THAT VOICE. It's desperately uncool to like Neil Diamond (though here in France he's virtually unknown, so I'm safe!) but I don't care. I MELT when I hear his voice. And, ridicule be damned, one of my all-time favourite films is his version of the Jazz Singer (despite the blacking-up and Laurence Olivier's heinous accent). That said, getting married to someone 30 years younger than himself does kind of ick me out a little.

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