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Joe Momma

I never saw this...nice touch Joe. Yes we all are still missing that wonderful soul!


Ah, Joe, I'm so sorry. My thoughts are with all of you.

You know, because of your special gift [yes, I said 'special'], Roger and his family will be thought about, prayed for, and remembered by so many people. That's a wonderful thing.

Meanwhile, I get to enjoy a cup o' joe occasionally when I need a break. So thanks.


Hi Joe, as usual I am touched by your writing. Please don't ever give up. Thank you for sharing about Roger, and honoring him. I'm thinking of you and your family as you make your way through your grief.


You up there on the podium @ St. Bonny's and what you shared about who Roger was, wow!!!
I worked at the old Control Master Products and only knew Roger for 3 years. We talked here and there mainly about little Rog. He was such a straight up Dad. I'm sorry I did not know him better but with yourself and others that were up there I felt better.
God Bless, Carina


See Roger in all his glory on . We sure had fun on that one. He was an amazing actor and talented musician. He was a great friend and I'll miss him very much.


Joe, your writing always hits home for me, no matter what you're writing about- even if it's about the trouble you're having when writing! It's because you write from the heart and you have an honest way of connecting with your readers. Thank you for that. And I hope that your pen never runs dry.

I'm so sorry to hear of your close family member and friend passing on...may you feel God's hand gently holding you during this sad time, and may you God's peace be a comfort to all the family. Thinking of you. A.

Al Bito

Sorry about your loss, Joe. I first learned about Roger's passing an an informal CVHS reunion last Saturday night, Feb. 20.

My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family during this difficult time.

Scott Moulton

Roger was kind and had a great sense of humor. Always positive and fun to be around. Every time I saw him at HS or around the hood, he was always smiling and always friendly.

God Bless you Roger Salcedo.

We love you Buddy!!!


So sorry for your family's loss...


Among other things, what you've said here in honor of Roger proves you are a writer. Doesn't mean you'll always feel like one, I suppose.

I hope, wish and pray for peace and fortitude for everyone whose life Roger touched, his wife and son, his whole family of relatives and friends. Peace.


Sorry, Joe. Dealing with the death of loved ones is likely the most unfortunate aspect of living life.

And I wouldn't worry about your writing abilities. For what it's worth, I enjoy your style, most notably the ways in which you are humorous. I come to this blog once every few weeks and get caught up on everything you've written since the last time I checked.


xoxox and prayers to all of the family.

BTW, you are blessed with being a writer my friend...and it is a blessing. This post only proves it.


Snooze - Thanks. See you there, I guess.

Mike - Ditto. Nice to have a new reader.

Marla - Thanks. And chemical help would be nice. Or a Mexican pool bar. Wait, I'll take both.

Mig - That's really funny. I've begun to enter the dreams of my readers. Sorry about that, and put those fucking bottles out will you?

JK - thanks to all your family. Ours appreciates it.


We are so profoundly sorry for your family's loss. Cancer is a thief... I know of no other way to say it.... I am grateful he is finally at peace. We wish you strength.

Love and friendship,
Jeanette, Michael, and the girls


Actually, after I hit Post, I remembered that I dreamed you were my landlord and showed up angry to remind me about the recycling...

And also, I've never read a commentary on the creative process that resonated as profoundly as yours did above.


I'm so sorry for you and your family. 45 seems like just around the corner to me - terribly young, in other words.

I woke up this morning thinking about you, for some reason.


Fuck. I'm so sorry. I'm thinking of you and the rest of Roger's family.

And that is a bunch of crap that you need passion to be a writer. You can't have passion all the time - at least without chemical help. i find my passion now and then - then I lose it. I think it goes to Mexico and sits in a pool bar. Can you blame it?

Michael Scott


I've actaully become a fan of your blog, so please dont stop writing. I enjoy what you write. This one is very sad and I wish you did not have to write this, but it was very touching.

RIP Roger


That was beautiful Joe. My heart goes out to Nicole, Little Roger and all of the family. I'll see you at the funeral.

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