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I only pay $8.99 and watch unlimited movies on my pc and web enabled dvd player. Netflix is the only way to go.


Netflix is great-if you have the time to watch movies! Seems like I throw my $25 a month down the drain as the unwatched movies stack up on my already cluttered desk.


Nat - It's actually very cool and quite a time saver. The trick is to actually WATCH the movies or else you're paying for nothing. I'm considering dropping down to just one at a time as opposed to the three I get now.

Whit/Snooze - I agree. Before B.B. I had Netflix and they're much better on the turn-around time.

CM - Believe it or not, I rented that for my daughter. She likes that kind of stuff. I'm worried about HER.


ummm, I'm just a little worried about your movie selections...Poltergeist?...Really?


Ditto to Whit's comment. It seems the turn around time is about a day! Not very many "waits" either. Good luck!


I've been using NetFlix for a couple of years and I'm still amazed at how fast they are.


i have actually given some thought to signing up for netflix since we've been back in the states. i am so far behind on my movie watching it isn't even funny. i just can't decide if i want to watch movies. gasp!

hope your new relationship is all you hope it will be!

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