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thanks Joe. No dancing underwear scene? Shocking, no, really.


CM - welcome back. Well we watched Vegas last night. It was OK. I'd give it 2.5 stars. No dancing underwear scene, I am sorry to say.


Hey Joe, thanks for the (very funny) comment on my blog. I have been quite lazy lately when it comes to posting and reading. But, here I am. Two more things about Cameron: she has to dance in her underwear in almost every movie she does. And, she has kind of an obnoxious laugh. But I still like her anyway. "In her Shoes", good Cameron Diaz movie.


i haven't seen it, but i feel the same way about cameron diaz. not sure what it is about her, but i've never been a big fan. now that i'm back in the states i should totally do this queue thing and take suggestions. the thought of sitting and watching a movie just makes me feel the need to go do something productive. and i'm lazy! not sure what my movie watching problem is!

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