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Hey Moog - Yea, I'm sort of afraid my wife will hate it too so maybe I'll allow her to opt out.


Saw The Wrestler this weekend. I loved it. Wife hated it.

Marisa Tomei is topless for about 1/2 the movie. Worth the money right there, my friend.



Ve - An interesting theory on Mickey. I guess my view on it is that he's done some good work and this may be his only shot. Penn has won already and will likely win again, if not now than in the future.


Hate to burst your Mickey ears but Mr. Rourke won't be winning the Oscar. But Brad Pitt probably won't either. I'll bet Sean Penn does because his character is a stretch. Micky is pretty much playing himself and they usually don't give Oscars to those kind of situations. I saw B Button and Slumdog Millionaire both. My vote is on Slumdog...a well written and entertaining movie. B Button was ok but a bit long. It should get an award for effects...but not if pitted against Iron Man...those effects were awesome.

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