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Kiss Kiss Bang Bang is a very amusing film. I definitely recommend it. Also, I can let you borrow my copy of Big Lebowski if you want...


I plan to stand up and shout if it ever arrives.


My sister, Tony's soon-to-be wife, looooves "Rock Star." Stand up and shout!


Jennifer - I know, his career has sort of nose dived, hasn't it? I don't recall him in much after Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, which I never even saw.


Why are the two Marky Mark videos available?

I saw Wonderland. Made me wonder what the hell happened to Val Kilmer.


Another vote for Netflix. But what about the FREEBIES??!!

I too have read DOTT, and yes it is a very good book. Slightly dated but a great read.

I considered leaving your additional entries just so I could feel good about the number of comments I'd received, but it feels tainted.

And I'm not talking about taint as in grundle.


Holy crap, sorry about that. Your commenting thing was giving me trouble so I kept resubmitting the form. I guess I made my point.


I never have that problem with Netflix.

I actually read the book The Day of the Triffids. It's surprisingly good. Never saw the movie.

It's a sign of a truly lousy radio station that they can just up and change their format for a month and nobody cares.


And what, pray tell, is wrong with my list? It’s chock full of classics.


Swap? It looks like Joe gets everything he wants in exchange for a measly copy of Rock Star. That's not a swap, it's charity.

Not that you couldn't use a little of that about now, given that list, Joe.


There's a WAIT for Poltergeist?!?

Netflix, dude. Netflix.

The longest I've waited was two days for Hancock.

By the way, Hancock is not gay porn. Just letting you know so you don't put it on your list.


I believe they do! Not that I have any experience with that genre!!! :)


Yea - so does Netflix offer porn?


Why don't you two work out a deal and swap some DVD's?


Snooze - I know, but I can't give up those freebies you get when you turn in the ones through the mail at the store.


That's unacceptable. You should try switching to Netflix. I checked on just 3 of those titles and they were available now.

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