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Very good stuff. You can really write, Joe. Enjoyed going down memory lane. Would make a great screen play.


The Doolidges circular drive-way. Forgot about that. That ended when he came out and hollered at us for running through his plants. I do recall catameraning and the poo monster. Ah, memories.
By the way, a similar version of this piece will be running in the CC Times on Saturday. Watch for it!


I had totally forgotten about the "holding our breath" part... (too funny) remember riding skateboards endlessly around that oval driveway at the end of the street? Or what about the "catameran" move down Tamarack? The cardboard slide down that hill? I still remember watching Popeye at your house after school and who can forget "The Poo Monster"


Thanks Toddie. Nice to know you're checking in from time to time.


Joe, this is good stuff, keep going after these life affirming & changing events, this will turn into your next screenplay.

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