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I think they play Christmas music way too early. I know the stores were selling Christmas trees at the same time they were selling Halloween items. What happened to celebrating
Thanksgiving? Giving thanks for our freedom and thanks for being healthy, alive, loved, and on occasion, grinch-like. Your gripes are definitely legitimate.


I think we'll be watching "It's a Wonderful Life" tonight.


Thanks CB.

And don't worry JK. I DO tune to a different station. I will not support the force feeding of a Pre-Thanksgiving Christmas


you are a Grinch! but a Grinch with a point.


Sorry Joe, I can listen to I Believe in Father Christmas any time any day... It is only sung by Emerson, Lake and Palmer. If you don't like it, try turning the radio to a different station. Although after Thanksgiving, finding holiday-free tunes will be few and far between..... but I do love your rants!


Long time no hear. Thanks for dropping in.
Nice to hear I'm not alone in my curmudgeon-ness


You and Luis are WAY too much alike!!!

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