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The corporate cold shoulder- welcome to the jungle!

3rd floor gal :-))

"That man, by the way, was me." You mean I can't believe everything I read on the internet?!

TFG ... very cool!! :-)


TFG Third Floor Gal.

This is a work of fiction, not about me.

3rd floor gal :-))

Fiction TFG?? Explain please!


Fiction TFG. A work of fiction.

3rd floor gal :-))

J ... we've all been there, okay maybe I haven't because I'm too young but I've heard about situations like this. What can you do??? Roll with the punches, make lemonade out of lemons!!

You may not think you have any control over the situation but you really do. You have control over how you REACT to the situation. My suggestion, make the best of any given situation.

Maybe that sounds a little "Mary Poppinish" but that's me and it's how I get through my days with as little stress as possible.

My life is so much more than this stupid little cube and these idiotic, moronic people that think they own me because they give me a paycheck!

Remember that!

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